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Upon arrival: Youth and Adults                                                             This is for groups of 12 or more! 

$50.00 per day per Child/$75.00 per day per Adult

Opening prayer and daily Smudge
Describe who you I am and my background 
Importance of safety in the wilderness

Awareness of your surroundings

List safety issues: Animal aware, water, fire, equipment, poisonous plants, no wandering away, always be within sight and voice range
Demonstrate proper packing of your backpack procedures using my own gear
State why they are there, what they wish to learn, and ask what they want to accomplish
Team building exercise programs, buddy system
Start program: explain what the first important action to do in any environment when in the forest, start fire, explain how and what to gather, how to construct the fire pit, then how to construct the firewood, maybe using Fatwood and how to find Fatwood
Construction of basecamp, team approach, one group
Build shelter (cut down trees, use branches, lash together etc..)
Purify water (sand, plants, charcoal)
Snare construction and where to set them out (5mm thin wire)
How to make cordage using grass
How to make grass mats
Plant identification/ethnobotany/berry picking
Paracord bracelets, explain usages
Demonstration of survival kits and emergency bag and how to make them