Flora and fauna teachings, culturally based approach.
Collecting and eating of edible plants
Showing of Medical Plants
Brief explanation of the importance of food and medicine from plants

Shelter Construction
Collection of material
Preparing the wood
Making ground covering
Learning knots
Construction of shelter
Making sure shelter is secure and safe to be in
Making it water resistant 

Group activate to build permanent Wilderness shelter

Making of a Dakota Fire Pit
Gathering of fuel for fire
Igniting the fuel
Making of the grill
Make tea
Collection of food

Berry Picking and location of berries in the mountains
Showing what berries and bushes to look for
Pick berries and show techniques and tips for picking
Assess safety in the bush and on the mountain with the terrain and with wild animals

Making of Pit Cook
Preparing site
Collection of stones
Collection of Firewood
Preparation of food for pit
Start cooking process

Construction of Traditional Smoker and preparation for smoking meat 

Sun and wind Meat Dehydrator
Preparation of meat
Make Traditional Smoker
Get fuel for smoker

Get resources for trap

Construction of fish traps
Placement of trap
Water etiquette and hazards

Finding Pine tree

Find Fatwood
Making of fatwood

Make Paracord Bracelet
Show the uses of Paracord
Showing of Different Knots
Show how to make a gill net
Locating plants or bark for making cordage 

Snare making and location

Construction of Mallet
Locating Tree to make mallet
Uses of wooden mallet in the wilderness
Make a wall/fire reflector

Construction of Wilderness bow and arrows

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