Leadership Skills

​​​​​​My name is Shane Michael Maurice, I live in SKWLAX British Columbia, but I’m a Cree . I’ve got over 24 years of wilderness experience and have done solo training for 3 months at a time in different environments; plus I'm trained in First Aid Level B CPR; as well I've taken Occupation Level 3 First Aid from Valley First Aid. Bruce Zawalsky has taught me wilderness survival; and is the Chief Instructor of Boreal Wilderness Institute. 
Why is this so important to me; you may ask; this is my response.  There are many people in Canada that get lost in the woods. But; what if it was you son, daughter, mother or father, that was lost in the woods! Would you not wish them the skills to be able to survive if they got hurt or lost. With my school, Equinox Wilderness Adventure, we will relieve this problem be teaching as many people that are willing to be educated about survival and First Aid in the woods.

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